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Full-Service Architects

DNK Architects is a full-service firm addressing client needs from striking architectural creations to broad-scale urban planning to fine interior or landscape design. We provide stand-alone services or integrated, turnkey projects. We create compelling design for new construction or thoughtful renovation for existing structures, including expert assessment of the useful life of a building.

Attentive, knowledgeable, personal service is a DNK hallmark; our clients know they can reach us at any time. They also know they can depend on us to deliver their projects on time and on budget. The specific services provided within each functional area vary, but all include master planning, construction administration, facility and needs assessments, building code evaluations and remediation of violations, and computer-aided facility management (CAFM).

The Firm


DNK knows how to put a building together. Years of experience and broad technical expertise underlie the creative design that is architecture’s most visible expression. We know how to manage construction, work with contractors, and make our clients part of the process.

Interior Design

As beautiful as a building may be on the outside, people live on the inside. DNK designs interior spaces that are ideally suited to the functional role they will play, but which are also aesthetically pleasing places where people will be comfortable and inspired.

Urban Planning & Design

Sustainable design, environmental concerns, and transportation are critical factors in the revitalization of our cities, DNK Architects is an experienced urban design firm. Our reputation for getting to know a community and our ability to bring people to consensus has resulted in projects that honor all economic, cultural, and social groups within a community.

Landscape Architecture

A building’s exterior design influences how it communicates with the public, and thoughtful landscape treatments are a significant contributor. DNK provides integrated landscape design services, in conjunction with our architecture services, to enhance projects and speak to neighbors, the community, and the site itself.

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